Forms Documentation

General Module Settings

Email Library

Specify the email library, either the native ExpressionEngine library (recommended) or PHPMailer

Country Lookup

Set country lookup by IP address and include in form submission data.

Lowercase Fieldnames

Specify whether fieldnames are uppercase or lowercase in the output form.

Blocked Domains

Customizable list of blocked domains

System Messages

Set the response for the following system messages: Required field, Success Heading for Form Submit, Mark as Read, Blocked Domain.

Specialized Shared Settings


Access and edit default lists or create your own, then use them as an option in list fieldtypes. For example, Country, state, day of the week, are all generic lists useful in many forms.

Email Templates

Admin and User templates can be created/edited here and used as options in any form.


API settings for various services: ReCAPTCHA v2, ReCAPTCHA v1, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact. Note, some field types may only be available if their related services is setup.

ReCaptcha v3 is available in Forms if the native reCAPTCHA v3 option is enabled.

Payment Gateways

API settings for payment gateways. Required to use store related fields. Supported gateways: Stripe,, Paypal Payflow, Realex Payments, IATS Payments.


API settings for either Twillio or Nexmo SMS, required to use text notifications.


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