Forms Documentation


List tools are specific to other areas of Expression Engine. In order to see these areas such as member, categories, entries, and member groups please ensure you have the correct permissions in your member role.

Categories List

Allows for Dropdowns, Check Boxes, Multiselects, or Radio Buttons of all your categories that can be sorted by their category groups. The name or id of the category can be saved.

Entries List

Allows for showing entries by list, open or closed status, how to display them, how to order them, and if to show future entries added in later.

Member Group list

This will display the member group options from EE6+. If you are not able to see the group lists, make sure you have a member in the correct member roles that has access to this.

Member list

This will show a list of all members. Members can be filtered based on what group they belong in.


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