Forms Documentation

Form Tools

In general, form tools will allow most of the inputs that users will have in a standard form.


Checkboxes allow for user inputs to check multiple of the options. For allowing only the selection of one input, please see the Radio Button Tool. To allow for quicker editing, checkboxes allows the use of predefined lists which can then be used over again in other forms that you have.

For example to use the importing of lists as options into your checkbox tool double click the tool once it is placed into the form. At the bottom, an option "Bulk Add" will be available allowing you to quickly add options from your preset lists. Shown below we have a list added of the months of the year.


This will give an input for user's email. The tool will automatically check that the users input is a valid email.

File Upload

This tool allows for files to be uploaded to a selected destination that can be set in the tools's settings. File extensions, and max size allowed can also be set.


This tool allows for multiple choices to be selected. It works very similar to checkboxes tool.

Radio Buttons

This tool allows the user to select only one of the listed options insead of the multiple that checkboxes and multiselct allow for. Using this, the user is limited to only one choice when they submit.

Drop Down

Works in the same way as Radio Buttons in the sense that users may select only one of the options given to them, but will display the options in a dropdown instead of radio style.

Text Box

The text box tool allows for setting regular expression locks on what users can enter. It also allows for default and placeholder text to be shown.

In this example, we set the tool to only allow for alpha characters. When the tool is empty, the word "Place" will show up. When the user has not changed it at all the word "Default" will show. If any numbers were to be entered the error "please only input alpha characters" would appear below the feild upon any atempted submission of the form. If we were to turn on the "Enable Password Input" the users would see the black circles instead of the letters they typed.


The text area tool is similar to the text box tool with some minor changes. The placeholder and default options work the same as the text box tool. The new Rows and Columns input will determain how large the tool will appaear on the page. The new diabled option will not allow for user input if it is locked.


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